alejandro zimin - owner
NJ licensed architect

design is often assumed to be a result of instinct, but lifestyle design cannot be instinctual. lifestyle design is discovered by exploring the interactions of people with the built environment.

raised in northern new jersey, just outside of NYC, the design capital of the world. growing up around NYC helped form a strong sense of modern design and a sensitivity to urban interactions.

educated in boston, architecture and design were not just what we read in books, but more about exploring great design for ourselves. designs from world renowned architects and designers were interpreted to create foundations for new design ideologies.

studied urban design in europe. consulting history to reveal how cites successfully blend culture and modern lifestyles with a historic landscape. Learned that design is more then aesthetic, it is a way of life.

travelled the country to experience american culture. settled in san diego for four years to explore a different relationship between architecture and the environment, where space translates from interior to exterior and lifestyle becomes design.

returned to new jersey where it all began, to share all that has been discovered and offer lifestyle design services in the tri-state area.

"interpreting life one design at a time."